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Design Requirements

Every conversion starts out as a set of requirements that define your driving needs. Every ones requirements are different. That's why it is so difficult to give a "ballpark estimate" for a conversion. However, one of the most overlooked advantages of an EV conversion is you can specify the exact vehicle to meet your requirements. Provided you have the flexibility to buy the right donor car, and the funds to make your requirements a reality, you can have an EV made to meet your exact needs.

To ensure your requirements are met, we take the requirements gathering process very seriously. We ask a lot of questions and we don't assume anything. We take the time to guide you through the thought process of identifying exactly what you need and want. If we don't do the diligence at the beginning, you won't be satisfied with the result.

Please Note: It's important to understand that the options when selecting the components used to address these basic elements are nearly endless. Selecting the proper components depend entirely on budget, driving need, terrain and environment. For a more exhaustive source of these factors, you can read this IEEE's article.

Technical Design

The Technical Design is the step by which your requirements are transposed into a physical set of components that will make up your EV. The design is in fact a set of documents and drawing defining technical translation of your performance requirements that dictate exactly:

  • which components to source
  • what parts to build
  • and how it all fits together

The Design Review

The Design Review is where we step through your design with you explaining exactly what's included, making sure you are comfortable that the design will meet the requirements you specified. Design reviews can be done in person, but are typically done over the phone. Once completed, we can make any adjustments required.

"Build-it" Decision

Your EV Design is yours to keep. Whether you decide to have us convert your car, do it yourself, have someone else build it, or any combination of the three. If you decide to have us build it, the design fee of $495 is included in the conversion cost, so the design costs you nothing.

Design Process - Component Parts

Need a battery rack, a custom adaptor, mount, or electrical control component? Not only will we design the part to meet your sepecs, we'll also give you a quote to fabricate it as well as a lit of other source to get it fabricated yourself. We provide full mechanical drawings of all of our component designs in most any document format.

Onsite Design Support

We're available to consult on-site on your conversion or project and provide design, build, or troubleshooting support on a "per dium" basis. We may even roll up our sleeves "pro-bono" if you let us get our hands dirty.

Are you ready to get started? Have more questions? Want to find out if we're available? Design Consultation Request  Contact Us

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