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So You Want to Drive Electric?

Still aren't sure if an EV is right for you? Check out the EV FAQ

Once you've that you've decided you can no longer do without an Electric Vehicle. Now the big question is can you do it yourself? For most folks the answer is "no" for many reasons. It take knowledge, experience, and the proper tools to convert a gas guzzler to Electric. That's where we come in. Harvey Coachworks & EV currently offers:


Have a car you want to convert? Looking for a car to convert? More...

EV Repairs:

Already have an EV, Scooter, go-kart, golf cart? EVs are EVs - We fix em all. More...

Design Consulting Services:

For the "do-it-yourselfer" that just needs some expertise and assistance, we can help. More...

Customizing Services:

  • Since we are a full service customizing shop, there's virtually nothing we can't do (except make 'em fly or swim). Want to make your EV a "one of a kind"? Give us a call.
  • Component Design and Installation
  • Need a special component for your EV? At Harvey Coachworks & EV we pride ourselves on the seamless integration of EV components into your vehicle. None of that "gauges and switches everywhere" dashboard, or wire spaghetti under the hood. Remember us for that extra professional touch. Give us a call

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