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Project Information

This project was to modify a previously converted 96 Hyundai Elantra Wagon. The objectives of this project were to:

  • add additional batteries to increase range per charge
  • install more powerful Elcon 2500 charger to reduce charging time
  • integrate additional battery bank to the existing eLithion Lite BMS System
  • install improved MES-DEA 4kw ¬†fuild heater

Additional Battery, BMS and Charger Installation

To create enough space for the addition batteries required to achieve the desired range, a custom sealed aluminum battery enclosure was fabricated to hous 20 addition GBS-100 LiFESO4 cells. This battery enclosure was mounted in the space previously occupied by the gas tank under the rear seat. To increase the required space the floor under the rear seat was removed and replaced with a flat galvanized steel panel. The enclosure was mounted through the floor using 5/16" stainless steel threaded rods to make to simplify the removal of the pack. The pack was integrated inline in series with the original 40 cell pack to bring the total cell count to 60 cells with a total nominal capacity of 19.8kw and an estimated range of 50 miles per charge.

The BMS was expanded to include two additional 10 cell banks abd 20 cell boards (one on each cell wired in series). The eLithion Lite BMS was reconfigured to support a total of 5 cell banks up from 3 with the original pack.

The new charger is an Elcon 2500 which outputs @15 amps (double the original charger output) was instsalled in the same location as the previous charger and should reduce the charging time significantly.

Fluid Heater Installation

The MES-DEA 4kw Fluid Heater was installed in the same location as the previous fluid heater. To accomodate the diffrence in footprint, and new aluminum mounting bracket was fabricated to attach the heater to the firewall. Since the heater hose size of the new heater are 3/4" the original heater hoses (5/8") were adapted to accomodate. Also, the high voltage fuse block was relocated to make room for the new heater. 


EV Conversion, 96 Elantra EV, GBS-100 LiFeSO4 cells, MES-DEA Fluid Heater, Elithion Lite BMS

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