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Project Information

This project includes the upgrade the original 1992 VW Cabby Energizer. The objectives of this project were to:

  • replace the original 8: ADC DC motor with Warp 9" motor with upgraded Helwig Red Top brushes
  • replace the original Curtis 1231c controller with a Zilla 1k Controller with Hairball and Hall Effect throttle
  • replace the original 120v Lead Acid battery pack with 100 Calb 100 LiFeSO4 cells
  • fabricate new environmentally controlled battery enclosures to mimic the footprint of original batteries and house 100 Calb LiFESO4 cells in three separate enclosures in two parrallel strings totally 165v nominal at 200ah for 3.3kw pack
  • rewiring of battery cables
  • install and configure eLithion Pro BMS System and cell boards
  • upgrade charger to Manzanita Micro PFC 30 amp charger
  • install J1772 public charging system integration
  • upgrade all high voltagecomponents to support higher current and voltage

Battery, BMS and Charger Installation

100 Calb 100ah cells will be installed in three separate custom environmetally controlled aluminum enclosures. The front and rear enclosures will each house 40 cells. The middle enclosure under the back seat will house 20 cells.

The eLithion Pro BMS will be configured for 10x10 cell banks and 100 cell boards (one on each cell wired in series). The BMS will be located in the rear trunkof the vehicle.

The Manzanita Micro PFC 30 charger will be installed in the trunk as welland is capable of outputting up to 40 amps at up to 360 vdc. The J1772 plug will replace the original charger inlet plug in the gas cap location and will be integrated with a J1772 AVC2 logic board madeModular EV power.


92 Cabby, EV Conversion, Lithium Upgrade, eLithion Pro BMS, J1772 Charging

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