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Project Information

This project includes the upgrade a 2004 Gem Car. The objectives of this project were to:

  • replace the original Lead Acid battery pack with lithuim cells
  • fabricate  six battery enclosures to mimic the footprint of original batteries to house 4 Calb LiFESO4 cells per enclosure
  • custom rewiring of battery cables
  • install and configure eLithion Pro BMS System and cell boards
  • install AA Portable customer supplied charger
  • Install J1772 public charging system integration to supplied charger

Battery, BMS and Charger Installation

24 Calb 100ah cells will be installed in groups of four each in its own enclosure. Each enclosure is roughly the same dimension as the original Type 31 AGM PbA cells and is constructed of sheet aluminum with 3/4" rigid foam insulation lining the inside. A waterproof  ABS cover on each enclosure will protect the cells and BMS boards from the elements.

The eLithion Pro BMS includes two 12 cell banks and 24 cell boards (one on each cell wired in series). The BMS will be located under the fron dash to protect it from the elements.

The customer supplie AA Portable LiPo charger will be installed in the rear storate compartment and is capable of outputting @25 ampsat up to 200vdc. The J1772 plug will replace the original charger inlet plug in the front hood and be integrated with a J1772 AVC2 logic board madeModular EV power.


2004 Gem Car, Lithium Upgrade, Calb 100ah, eLithion Pro BMS, J1772 Charging

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