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EVLantra Build Update

Our latest creation, the 96 EVlantra has just completed the build phase, and is now in full test mode. Tweeks abound with controller and BMS tuning, wheel alignment, installation of low-rolling resistance tires and much more.

The EVLantra took it's first official road trip to the alignment shop on Thursday 8/2. 27 mile round trip and road test miles on the trip alone, and over 100 miles since it entered testing phase. We are excited to be coming to the end of this project, which posed many new opportunities and challenges like testing out the new eLithion Lithiumate Lite BMS which has been performing well during testing. Tuning of the controller to optimize idling for use of the AC system are the major work left to be done, and then it's home to the proud new owner. Be sure to check out the build photes of the EVLantra in the HCEV Gallery.

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    Mike Harvey / Reply

    This car drives so smooth and quiet it's like sneaking up on other cars.

    Mike Harvey / Reply

    Cool beans

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