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98 Golf Complete

After unanticipiated delays, HCEV recently delivered it's latest client conversion of a 1998 VW Golf EV. The 96v 500 amp system will carry it's owner to work every day 14 miles roundtrip.

The range of the 16 6v lead acid batteries is estimated at 50 miles with a top speed of 75 mph. The car is equipped with an 8" Advanced DC motor, Curtis 1231c 500 amp controller, power steering, power brakes, an onboard 115v 15 amp Russco battery charger, and 3 amp auxilliary battery charger make convenience charging from any standard 100-1200v outlet a breeze.

Please check out some build photos of the golf in our Gallery.

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Comments (4)

    Mike Harvey / Reply

    I really enjoyed building this car.

    Mike Harvey / Reply

    Nice work. Looks like you put a ton of time into this. Way better than the previous one.

    Charlie Eldridge / Reply

    it looks great! and it's street-legal, insured and inspected in the state of Va. feels especially good to drive past filling stations.

    Charlie Eldridge / Reply

    now establishing the range of this niicce EV; today logged 18 miles;
    recommendation to EV drivers: "use your legacy tranny; shift up through gears"
    (i blew a fuse, but it could have been avoided...)

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