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Vol. 1 Issue 2
Pubished on:February 18, 2013
Harvey Coachworks & EV News
Taking America Back One Gas Guzzler at a Time...

Building an EV Jeep Wrangler as a Mule Alternative for Our Farm

After 2 years owning our horse farm, my wife had been using our 2001 F-150 pickup for her utility vehicle around the farm. While functionally sufficient, it's not the best for short trips, isn't really efficient on gas, and is way too big for 95% of what my wife needed for daily use in feeding and maintaining the horses and the property. We looked at some new and used mules which are powered by gas or diesel and were stunned by the selling prices. We decided that since I build electric cars professionally and that my wife drives less than 10 miles per day, converting a Jeep Wrangler would be our best option. This blog will detail the process of our project.

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EV Charging Station are Basically Free after Federal Tax Incentives

I thought it appropriate to re-share some news regarding the tax incentives for personal and business EV Charging Stations as this is something I firmly believe in, and actively promote to my customers as it ensure their vehicles are equipped to handle public EVSEs as well as added safety for their home charging needs. Give that most home units are under $1000 dollars, it means that for the most part EVSEs are technically free after the layout and waiting for the credit.

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