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52 Ford Custom Stepside Recap Video

coach / Thursday 17 Sep, 2015 09:41

We've just completed the recap video on the 52 Ford Stepside project. The video is in our Youtube channel...

52 Ford Custom Step-side Electric

coach / Sunday 26 Jul, 2015 21:36

Upgrades and additions to a 52 Ford Custom Step-side Electric pickup...

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HCEV In the News

  • 22 Jan, 2014
  • Mike Harvey

New Products from HCEV

(1 votes)

HCEV has recently released some new products for sale for the EV DIY enthusiast. Inspired by their experience in providing professional grade EV Conversions, Harvey Coachworks & EV has released five new products specifically designed for the DIYer. Check them out at

  • 22 Jan, 2014
  • Mike Harvey

HCEV Website Revamped

(1 votes)

It took us a while but we wanted to make sure our website was as user-friendly as possible including support for mobile users. All of the old news and features you are used to are still there in a newly designed responsive interface. We also added some new features and an online products area for new and used EV Parts. We hope you find it useful.

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Aging Hybrids and Expiring Warranty Woes

coach / coach

It's been a decade since the Gen II Prius hit the market and truly began the seed change of the global automotive industry with the truly first durable…...

Developments in Charging Standards

coach / coach

As most long term EV pundits are aware, charging has always been an exercise in "adaptation". Carrying a trunk full of extension cords and plug adapters…...

Shame on Virginia for Taxing the Efficient

coach / coach

Mr. Governor, you should be ashamed of yourself! As a resident of the State of Virginia, and a strong and active advocate of alternative fuel vehicles,…...