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EarthDay - NoVa Meetup at Clydes - 4/28

Every so often EV owners meetup to share their real world experiences with the unsuspecting public. It's an opportunity to learn and share first hand with bold and sometime adventurous EV owners. If you own an EV pr PHEV bring it along and share. If not, just stop by and say hi.

WhenSunday, April 28, 2013 10:30 AM
Where: Clydes - Willow Creek Farm
42920 Broadlands Boulevard
Broadlands, VA 20148
We need at least five EV's for Earth Day at Loudoun to show the public the amazing, clean driving options that are available today.

We need you to show your car and answer questions. There is no substitute for your firsthand experience and 

enthusiasm! You're welcome to provide rides, too, as long as you're comfortable with that. The minimum we need, though, is to show the vehicle and answer questions. Clyde's has some outlets on the premises, but no high speed charging yet.


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