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National Plugin Day

HCEV is proud to support National Plug In Day on Sunday, September 23, 2012. Thousands of drivers across the country are now experiencing the reality of these exciting, new plug in electric vehicles - cars, motorcycles, trucks - you name it. Last year's first Plug In Day was a great success.

National Plugin Day Event in Hamilton, VA

HCEV will be participating with the Northern Virginia Electric Car Owners at a National Plugin Day Event right on our neighborhood here in Hamilton, VA. We invite anyone in the are to signup to show your support. Festivities will be held at Scott Jenkins Memorial Park

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More on National Plugin Day

There will be a 2012 Plug In Day events in more than 50 cities across the country. Each celebration event will be led by local plug in drivers and advocates and will include some combination of EV parades, ride-and-drives, electric tailgate parties, press conferences, award ceremonies, informational booths, and more. Plug In America, Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association serve as the national team providing support to the events throughout the country. We are pleased to partner with the many other organizations and individuals working to bring National Plug In Day to communities across the country.

You may have noticed that people who drive the new plug in electrics can't help smiling about it. We're celebrating Plug In Day because these new vehicles are so much better, and we want to share the news. Come join us for an event where you'll get to see and possibly drive an electric vehicle and learn from real drivers what they already know: •Plugging In makes driving far more convenient. We charge at home, which means our "tanks" are always full when we leave the house. We seldom, and many of us never, have to make a trip to a gas station. 

  • Cheaper to fuel. Imagine paying the equivalent of about $.75 per gallon of gas and almost nothing for maintenance or repairs. 
  • More fun to drive. They go everywhere and accelerate like a rocket. 
  • Cleaner. Less gas means less pollution, even when taking into account pollution from electricity used to charge nearly all EVs in nearly all locations. 
  • Freedom from oil. Each year in the US we burn roughly 121 billion gallons of oil in our passenger cars and trucks. 
That means we're spending about $1 billion a day on imported oil. Enough! These new vehicles are changing America. Thousands of American workers in at least 20 states are building EVs and other advanced vehicles and components. Momentum is growing - more than three times the number of plug in electrics have been sold than new hybrid cars at the same point after their introduction. Come celebrate with us and get your own EV smile! 
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