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New Products from HCEV

HCEV has recently released some new products for sale for the EV DIY enthusiast. Inspired by their experience in providing professional grade EV Conversions, Harvey Coachworks & EV has released five new products specifically designed for the DIYer. Check them out at

Based on years of EV conversion experience, HCEV just made five new kits available for the EV DIY market. All professional grade hardware, these specialty kits are designed to be all inclusive and solve common problems for the DIY (and yes, even professional) EV converters.

Focused on providing professional and durable answers to combat common issues with low voltage wiring which are often the cause of DIY EV conversion issues in the field, HCEV has researched and tested these products in it conversions and find them of superior quality and easy to use. All kits are affordable priced and come with complete instructions and HCEV email support.

Get yours today at

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