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HCEV Website Revamped

It took us a while but we wanted to make sure our website was as user-friendly as possible including support for mobile users. All of the old news and features you are used to are still there in a newly designed responsive interface. We also added some new features and an online products area for new and used EV Parts. We hope you find it useful.

It may seem like we just redesigned the HCEV site. But after some feedback from visitors on mobile devices, we decided it was time to get with the times, and go responsive. And frankly, since the other half of my life is in the world of computer technology, I really had no excuses since I have done it and could do the work myself. Read on for some of the new features of the redesigned HCEV website.

New Features

  • Fully Responsive Design - means you can get what you need on HCEV on your favorite device whether it's your mobile phone or iPad.
  • Project Portfolio - details about past and current Conversion, R&D, and testing projects at HCEV.
  • HCEV Products - new products most of which you wont find anywhere else and used parts for sale at HCEV.
  • Info Section - including our EV and OHEV FAQs, additional product literature and client testimonials about HCEV.

Check us out on your favorite device at

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