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Shame on Virginia for Taxing the Efficient

Mr. Governor, you should be ashamed of yourself! As a resident of the State of Virginia, and a strong and active advocate of alternative fuel vehicles, I feel it necessary to utilize whatever mediums I have at my disposal to condemn the actions of the State of Virginia and Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) for even entertaining an additional $75 per year registration fee for alternative fuel vehicles.

I read today the State of Virginia has taken additional steps to realize the Governor's plan to eliminate the per gallon gas tax. Sounds nice on the surface but rest assured they are not eliminating anything, but making impossible for you to control the amount of revenue they can pry from your already thinning purse. 

First, I must start by pointing out how shallow and obviously short-sighted it is to penalize those of us who care about our environment, our national security, and our economy by adding an addition tax justified only on the basis that we use less gas. Make no mistake. Taxing any amount of money to penalize anyone in any way who actively tries to reduce their carbon emissions or be more efficient or prudent with their hard earned income is nothing short of extortion. It proves only that they care more about their budgetary tax base than they do the long term welfare of their environment, their country, and constituency. Public servants my rear end.

Second, the average savings in gas tax avoidance in the State of Virginia for a hybrid vehicle owner is less than $20/yr. So in short, the State of Virginia is stealing $55/yr  ($75 difference in registration fees minus $20) from every hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV owner just because they can.

 Maybe if they were smart, they would find a way to incentivize gas guzzers to be more efficient by increasing the registraion fees to compensate. Or better yet, if the goal is to eliminate gasoline tax because it's a shrinking source of revenue, just charge all vehicles the same. Raising the registration fee on $25 dollars for a less efficient vehicle and $100 for a more efficient vehicle is staggaringly stupid and short-sighted.

It's almost comical that the federal govenrment is giving out money to promote the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles while at the same time the states are moving to recapture lost revenue by "taxing" that very thing. Just more proof that the govenrments only purpose is to find new ways to separate you from your hard earned income so they can have awesomely bloated pension plans.

For more nausiating detail on the Governor's brilliant plan updated today, see

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