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About Harvey Coachworks & EV

Harvey Coachworks & EV was founded in 2005 to fill a need for high quality alternative fuel vehicles. With over 20 years experience in the automotive aftermarket coach and conversion business, we felt we could apply our expertise to the alternative vehicle market, and build professional quality plug-in vehicles that people want to drive.

We spent our early years researching the industry and identifying business relationships that would enable us to provide the level of quality and service we believe our customers demand. As a result, we established key relationships with industry suppliers and manufacturers in order to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services available. In recent years there has been a tremendous focus on innovation around the world in both electric drive and hybrid technologies due to rising petroleum prices, concern for the environment, and sustainable energy initiatives. These innovations have led to more flexibility and options when considering an alternative fuel vehicle and allow us the ability to tailor our services to meet the very specific needs of every client we service.


We Believe in Alternatives -  We believe the people should have options when it comes to what they drive and what kind of fuel they use.

We Believe People Want Change -  If viable reasonably priced alternative fuel vehicles exist, people will drive them, and that's good for the environment, our economy, and our national security.

We Believe We Can Make a Difference - An average of 19 pounds of CO2 are emitted for every gallon of gasoline a car burns. That's a lot of CO2 for every car on the road, and contributes to global warming. Every internal combustion engine we replace with zero-emissions electric reduces CO2 emissions, any every little bit helps.

We Believe in Professionalism - Our conversions are complete. We pride ourselves on the fit and finish of our work, integrating the system into the existing vehicle as seamlessly as possible with the proper materials, and the highest level of craftsmanship.

We Love to Drive Too - EVs can be fast, fun to drive, and well as economical to maintain. We don't believe EVs need to be small slow golf cart like. Of course, like everything else, you get what you pay for.

Why do we do it? Fundamentally, the truth is that over 250 million gas cars aren't just going away. And that number is rising by the year. If we started today with a proactive and unilateral effort to totally displace petroleum as the primary fuel source for ground transportation, the realization would take decades to achieve. And despite some forays into the EV and PHEV markets, big automakers with few exceptions like Toyota are only committing "a toe in the water" in terms of EV and PHEV development. If you couple all that with the fact that people are hanging on to cars longer, there will be a lot of ICE vehicles for years to come. And since those vehicles wont just evaporate, modifying their fuel consumption type while reusing the majority of the components is the most economical and environmentally responsible thing we can do. It is our mission at HCEV to do our part one vehicle at a time to Take America Back One Vehicle at a Time

Based on current growth and peak oil consumption, there will be over 300 million gas cars on the road with no fuel to drive them within 15-20 years. For more information, see Wikipedia for good motor vehicle information and statistics on global vehicle production and population.

HCEV Energizer

With more and more car makers entering the market, the future is looking brighter for the Electric Vehicle. It's time to be a part of the solution.

With so many options today, why not you? You can do your part to rid the globe of greenhouse gases and strengthen America and the world.

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